The Lost Alaskan RV Park would like to sincerely thank Susie Lewis for this cherished, hand-painted mural of the Fort Davis, Alpine and Big Bend area of Texas.  This map was placed here to assist you, our valued customers, as you discover this remote part of Texas on your journey through the Southwest.
This area is as rich in history as it is in natural beauty.  Imagine Apache Warriors, Buffalo Soldiers, Railroad Workers, Miners and of course, Cowboys camping beneath these big Texas skies.  Can you imagine them roaming through the rugged mountains into the barren desert before reaching the towering river canyons of the Rio Grande?
By viewing our wall mural, discover the nearby attractions and historical sites in this region.  Join the many Stargazers, Birdwatchers, Scuba Divers, River Rafters, Rock Hunters, Bikers, Hikers, Cyclists and Motorists that come to this area every year to enjoy a glimpse of the past, forget the present and ponder the future.
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